Fitness Touch Massage


We will work closely with you to support your health and fitness goals. We can work together with trainers, coaches and doctors to create a tailored treatment plan. Know that with Fitness Touch Massage you are getting the most compassionate care available.


Our highly trained and State-certified massage therapists are committed to treating you with utmost respect. We honor your time by minimizing any wait times and effectively utilizing your appointment. We keep our education and certifications current and hold ourselves to the highest standards of our profession.


Your body has its own rhythm and cycle. It is important you receive a massage when your body and spirit are most receptive. Our flexible operating hours mean you can schedule your treatment at a time that works best for your lifestyle.


We believe that regular massages are an integral component to a healthy life, so we keep our prices competitive and yet affordable. We offer incentives to make regular massages easier on your budget, even going so far as to offer FREE massages to the most vulnerable, forgotten segments of our society.

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Fitness Touch Massage