About Us


There is an athlete in each of us: whether actively fit or burdened by mundane cares, we all need to be cared for. FITNESS TOUCH MASSAGE, LLC works with you directly or works in conjunction with your trainers, coaches, other therapists and healthcare givers to help you achieve optimal health; to prevent you from injury or to assist your rehabilitation that you may come back from your injury; or simply to ease your tensions and allow your mind, body, and spirit to relax – escape from your everyday cares.

Massage is often viewed as a luxury, a way of pampering one’s self. An average person would not necessarily think of massage as part of a regular routine. Rather, massage is something extra, an indulgence reserved for romantic getaways, or very special occasions, or when vacationing on a cruise ship, or visiting some faraway exotic lands. To schedule regular massages would be considered affluent.

Such a narrow understanding of massage practice is why it is often lacking in most fitness and health programs. However, massage is not an indulgence. It is an integral component for a healthier body. Science has proven that regular massage benefits a person physically, physiologically, and psychologically. Massage:

  • helps relieve stress, muscle tension, and stiffness; promotes relaxation, better posture, deeper and easier breathing, and improves circulation.
  • enhances athletic performance.
  • provides greater joint flexibility and range of motion.
  • fosters faster healing of strained muscles and sprained ligaments; reduces pain and swelling; reduces formation of excessive scar tissue.
  • treats injuries caused during sports or work.
  • enhances the health and nourishment of the skin.
  • strengthens the immune system.

FITNESS TOUCH MASSAGE, LLC is here to provide you with the care you need to support your fitness and goals. Make us your partners in your pursuit of wellness, fitness, and health. We are committed to work with you on your issues with all the training, experience, and intuition of our certified massage therapists.


Here at FITNESS TOUCH MASSAGE, LLC clients are seen primarily by appointment only between the hours of

If you need to get a massage outside of these posted hours, contact us by phone, text or email and we will try to accommodate you as best we could.

WALK-INS are always welcome and will be accommodated based on therapist/room availability.

Booking an appointment is easy. You can call, text, or email our office [and with text or email you can send booking requests at any time, day or night]. You may also BOOK ONLINE through the website, or through our social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN or Google+.

If booking online, please make sure the appointment is under the name of the person that will be treated and not under the name of the person who booked the appointment. Our massage therapists mentally prepare for your appointment by reviewing your chart to best customize your treatment. If the appointment is booked under another person’s name, then your therapist would have studied that person’s chart and not yours prior to your appointment, researched the best evidence-based treatment that may or may not even be applicable to your situation, thus wasting the therapist’s valuable time and diminishing the quality of the treatment you will receive.

SAME-DAY APPOINTMENTS can only be booked by calling the office.

Clean, Safe and Caring Environment

Fitness Touch Massage, LLC has a storefront centrally located in Vallejo, with easy access to stores, groceries, supermarkets, diners, restaurants, burger joints, gas stations, private clinics, pharmacies, medical offices, beauty salons, fashion accessories, and public transportations. It is part of the Redwood Square Plaza business conglomerate, sharing with other business tenants the use of spacious, clean, well-lit private parking spaces monitored by security cameras.

From the moment you enter the shop, you feel transported into a serene and peaceful environment as your senses take in the lush green plants, the calming music, and the soothing aroma of essential oils. You feel listened to and cared for from the moment you walk in up and until the moment you leave after your appointment. You feel like family and look forward to your next appointment. And pleasantly you mused to yourself that even in Vallejo it is possible to experience the finer things in life.

From Humble Beginnings

Ricky Muyot, Certified Massage Therapist, Owner, CEO of
Fitness Touch Massage, LLC established 2010

My massage practice was supposed to be a hobby, an avocation, something that would keep me grounded and balanced, either as giver or receiver, when life’s stresses overwhelms me. When I began my practice, I was gainfully employed as Worship and Music Director for a Catholic Church. I did not make too much money but I enjoyed my job and envisioned myself retiring from there. Whatever income I made from the massage practice was a welcome benefit and helped augment my regular income. But, as so frequently happens, life intervenes and your life’s trajectory is upended.

From Career to Ministry. My career path transitioned to one of ministry in very interesting ways, with twists and turns even I could not have foreseen. From a very young age, my life has always been about service. I went into the seminary to become a priest that I may be of service to God and His people, the Church. Even when that did not come to fruition, I have sought out other ways to serve God and His Church. After I left the seminary, halfway to a degree in A.B. Philosophy, I pursued a field that I thought would secure my financial future, B.S. Computer Science. In the 12 years I worked successfully in the IT field (8 years in the Philippines as computer programmer, and 4 in the U.S. as software engineer), I felt a constant tug in my heart that yearned to be working with people and not stare at a computer screen all day long. I was most animated and alive when singing with the Church choir or volunteering in various ministries of the Church. So when an opportunity presented itself to work for the Church, knowing fully well that about two-thirds of my income would disappear, I took it and never looked back.

From Ministry to Massage. My involvement with the Church started very early in my childhood. My devout Catholic mother made sure that my brothers and I never skipped on our Sunday attendance at Mass. She was also very active in Church ministries at our local parish and she would take me along with her. I became an altar boy at age seven and being that close to the Altar at Mass inspired me to want to become a priest that I, too, may serve at the Altar in the service of God and His people. I entered the seminary after primary school but after two years, the seminary staff felt I was too naïve, too sheltered that they recommended I take time to experience the world. I left the seminary, went back to being an altar server while finishing the rest of my high school from a secular private school. I pursued the priesthood again in college attending a different seminary to obtain a degree in A.B. Philosophy. Two years later, with prayers and spiritual direction, I discerned God was calling me to serve Him not through the priesthood but somewhere else. I shifted my educational focus to what I believed would secure my future financial earnings, B.S. Computer Science. Successfully graduated and for eight years worked as computer programmer before migrating to the U.S. in 1993. Throughout my professional career, I remained a volunteer in various Church ministries: youth catechist, lector, music. It was in music that I found expression of my spirituality through the Church’s liturgical celebrations and various rituals.
My life in the U.S. pretty much mirrored my life in the Philippines: worked as a software engineer while volunteering as choir director for the local parish. My career in software engineering rewarded me quite well financially but it did not animate my soul. Church music, singing at Mass, directing the choir – these were the activities that fed my soul. When I had to make a choice to feed my pockets or feed my soul, I chose the latter.

From Healing the Soul to Healing the Body.
As Church minister, I was primarily involved with worship and music, responsible for selecting the songs that reinforce Scriptures for our Sunday worship and special feasts and solemnities, rehearsing the choir, training cantors and musicians, and leading the congregation in singing during our worship. It is well established, even outside of Church, that music has the ability to touch our souls. Church music and hymns in particular has the power to express the deepest longings of our being when words alone would not suffice. It can express joys and sorrows, hope and despair, courage and fears, certitude and doubts, our sense of belonging, or the loneliness of isolation. Church music also more eloquently communicates the love of God for us, our love for God, and our love for one another.

In addition to music and worship, I also coordinated our celebration of the sacraments and helped families prepare for a more meaningful celebration of these rituals. I was most involved in the celebration of weddings and funerals, meeting with the couple getting married or the surviving family members of the deceased. I walked them through the ritual celebration providing catechesis on the different elements, guided them in the selections of appropriate Scriptural readings and songs that echo the message of the Scriptures. Time and time again, I have witnessed the power of music to bring solace in the midst of grief, quell anger and promote peace, bring hope to banish despair.

Whether in public worship or the private family setting, music has brought healing to wounded souls. So it isn’t too much of a stretch for me to look at massage as an extension of the healing ministry that I am already involved in through my Church. Whereas music heals the soul, massage heals the body. And in as much as I believe that God created humans with both body and soul, and that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, then it is highly imperative that the care of the body be attended to with the same care and sensitivity as that of the soul.

The Divine Physician. The first time I had a paying client, having just finished my massage school, I felt so unsure and was filled with anxiety. What if I don’t do the massage correctly? What if the client’s condition gets worse? What if the client does not like the massage? In an attempt to keep myself grounded and relaxed I recited in my head over and over again what we were taught in massage school, “Do no harm. Do no harm. Do no harm.” as I attended to my client’s comfort, sterilized my hands and arms, and centered myself to effectively give a massage. Having completed all the necessary preparations, I positioned myself by the client’s head, gently placed my hands on her head, drew in my first deep breath, and it dawned on me: all my anxieties and stresses were borne out of a desire for me to look good, appear more professional, and impress upon the client that I am knowledgeable. Have I really understood the client’s description of what she was experiencing or her intended results from the massage? So standing still by the head of the table, my feet solidly planted on the ground, my hands resting gently on the client’s head, I took a deep breath and in the stillness of my heart prayed:

“My body, my knowledge and skills, my very presence are nothing more than conduits for the grace and mercy of the Divine Healer who in His Divine Wisdom will bring healing and comfort to this person.”

And just like that, a sense of calm and peace descended upon me. From that moment on, I adapted in my massage practice the attitude that I am merely an instrument of the Divine Physician.
This attitude of accepting my role as an instrument that facilitates healing, rather than the one from whom healing and restoration come from, keeps me grounded and allows me to deliver the most effective massage treatments that benefit the client. I have earned the trust and respect of my clients because they know I only have their best interests at heart.

It is not, however, an excuse to be lazy. I trust in the grace and mercy of the Divine Physician to bring healing, peace, and comfort to those entrusted to my care. It still behooves me to actively participate in the work, not just by being present to my clients, but also by keeping myself abreast with the latest sciences on anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and other related disciplines; by being informed of the latest evidence-based massage therapy treatments; by continuing my education either through accredited classes from reputable schools and sources or by reading on the newest research and scholarly publications related to massage therapy; and by interacting and networking with other bodywork professionals and possibly cross-refer clients for the best possible care available in our area. Clients showed their appreciation evident from their personal feedbacks, enthusiastic referrals, 5-star reviews, and continued patronage.