Chair Massage

Great for people on the go; a quick and easy way to relieve tension of the back, shoulders, neck and arms while providing a boost of energy to your body. It is done over clothes and does not require the use of massage oils, lotions or creams.
Duration: 10 – 30 minutes (in 10 minute increments)
Cost: $10 – $30

Restorative Massage

Restorative Massage is an application of the clinical model of musculoskeletal injury treatment and rehabilitation.
It appropriates different massage techniques and modalities to help restore you to a state of wellbeing, peace and calm.
This massage can be any or a combination of any of the following: Swedish, Sports, MFR (myofascial release), Kinesio Taping, Pre-natal, Post-natal, CST (cranio-sacral therapy), Aromatherapy, Lymphatic Drainage.

Half-body Table Massage – works best when used as a focused treatment on specific problem area of the body. Being on the table allows access to your lower body and extremities as well. It can be done with or without clothes, depending on your intended outcome or comfort level.
Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: $35
Full-body Table Massage – offers the maximum benefits of a massage session. It allows for the treatment of the entire body, addressing all muscle groups and allowing your body to enter a fuller, more in-depth relaxed and restored state. It gives you the chance to fully let go and rest your body, mind and spirit while being treated.
Duration: 1 hour to 2 hours
Cost: $60 – $120


Based on Swedish but with a more intense pressure aimed at affecting the deeper musculature and connective tissue; aims to release chronic muscle tension or knots (trigger point therapy); should not hurt but may be a bit uncomfortable; your feedback is crucial to achieve the best results; best for very active and athletic individuals as part of their exercise programs.
1 hour to 3 hours (in 15 minute increments)
Cost: $90 – $270


Aids in internal organs’ health by massaging the feet or hands or ears; governed by the underlying principle that specific organs and glands have correlating “reflex points” in feet, hands and ears; stimulating those reflex points strengthens correlating organs along the body’s energetic pathways.
30 minutes – $25
60 minutes – $50

Eastern Massage:

Choose from Thai or Shiatsu – balances the body’s own energy flow along pressure points to prevent illnesses and achieve homeostasis.

Massage Services at a Glance

Chair Massage 10 min – 30 min @ $10 – $30 (increments of 10 min)

Restorative Half 30 min @ $35 (half-body treatment)

Restorative Full 1 hour – 2 hours @ $60 – $120 (full-body treatment, 15-min increments)

Deep Tissue 1 hour – 3 hours @ $90 – $270 (full-body treatment, 15-min increments)

Reflexology 30 min @ $25, 60 min @ $50

Shiatsu (Currently Unavailable)

Thai (Currently Unavailable)